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RS File Recovery is a tool that's intended for recovering all kinds of lost files, no matter what kind they are, and avoid losing them completely. Despite the fact that not all files can be recovered (the final result depends on many different factors), you can be sure that you have investigated every last option to recover it with this tool.

With this tool, you can recover all kinds of elements like images, videos, and text documents, among other basic options or damaged multimedia files. So you can recover an element that you've deleted on accident or any corrupted information. The best part of this application, however, is that you can also use it to try to resolve issues on hard drives or USB memory devices.

The only thing you have to do to start the process is select the folder or the location in which you've saved the element so the application can do a quick and simple search in those places. Inspect the final result and recover only what you need or scan your entire computer to recover all the elements that you didn't know you lost. RS File Recover can't guarantee the recovery of any file, but it's a great app to try to save them all the same.

The application can't recover files from the demo version's results list.

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